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TonCut is intended for cutting optimization of flat (2D) and long (1D) materials, such as: glass, wood, stone, metal, aluminum, plexiglass, cardboard, tubes, bars, etc.

What is the difference between Professional and Basic versions?

In addition to all Basic version features, TonCut Professional gives you access to:

  1. Using full power of your computer - In order to accelerate optimization, program uses the full power of your computer by using all CPU cores.
  2. Pieces labelling - Label printouts for pieces.
  3. Waste labelling - Label printouts for usable waste.
  4. CSV and text files import - Import of pieces and sheets from text and CSV files.
  5. Export to CSV files - Export data and optimization results to CSV files (Microsoft Excel).
  6. Export to PLT (HPGL) files - Export optimization results to PLT (HPGL) files.
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